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Larkin wrote Jill during Word War II, while he was still at university and set the book in the same time and place. The writing is very good, as you would expect from a poet as good as Larkin. Words are tools he obviously has no problem using. However, the story leaves something to be desired.As I began reading the book I raced through it. Larkin writes brilliantly of the displacement felt by his main character, John Kemp, a working class freshman at Oxford University. John is as restless as a cat in new home. It is easy to wallow with him in his melancholy and disorientation. In a good way. His early interaction with roommate, Chris Warner, is a masterpiece. It immediately called to mind one of my favourite books, Brideshead Revisited, and I hoped it would continue in this vein. Larkin writes: Whatever one might think of Christopher Warner, he could not be neglected. Unfortunately, Larkin does.The book goes downhill when the eponymous Jills, technically there are two, come onto the scene. The first is an imaginary sister created by John. He writes false letters to her and diaries by her. These provide insights into Johns character; She hated Maisie, and envied her, and hated herself for envying her could have been written about John and Chris. On the whole though, this section is dull.The second Jill is actually called Gillian, a young girl John becomes infatuated with. The infatuation ends badly but not tragically. The plotline seems pointless and fails to engage after the well-written and promising start. As I was reading the book I was counting the pages until the end, never a good sign. I even found it a significant effort to get through the last hundred pages. I would not even call it bad, just mediocre. Mediocre is not good enough though, when there are so many books to read and many, many of them more worth reading than this one.The early qualities resurface towards the end after a bombing raid hits Johns home town. Once again his disorientation and anxiety are wonderfully realised. It is not enough to redeem the whole and the book staggers to an uninteresting close.The most interesting part of the novel is Larkins 1963 introduction, which was almost worth the £3 I paid for the book. In it he talks about writing the book and his friendships at the time, including that of Kingsley Amis.Overall though, give this one a miss.

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